J+C Back to Thailand

The theme for those traveling through New York this summer has been to stop here on arrival, visit the interior for a few weeks, and then stop again back here. I think it’s been quite nice. Sam followed this pattern and now so have Jarrett and Candice. We got to spend the day with them on Sunday out in the little town of Bethlehem… PA. Twas a fun and memorable afternoon, mostly for the bizarre antics such as the impromptu photo shoot that yielded this shot:

Ummm… yeah… we were having quite a time. “Our kids are gonna play together!” said Candice. I’m really happy they got married – I hope our kids do play together.

Jar+CanMichael was there, too, and true to the pattern, he will be flying throughout the States until we see him back in New York in two weeks. His friend was kind enough to give us a ride back to Hoboken, and we all had some beer and pizza before bidding good night. Now he’s out in Austin, Texas, meeting with Tequila executives!

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