Rindy PortfolioI’m Rindy Portfolio, a writer, musician and geek currently living in Brooklyn, NY, with my amazing wife.

I enjoy writing about what I’m doing, posting pictures, keeping friends and family up to date – and owning all my data. I fly with WordPress ūüôā

Around 2005 I discovered WordPress blogging software and soon set up my own web host. With a little help from good friends, I got a blog up and running, and started hacking the default (Kubrick) theme to build my own custom design.

These days, WordPress is a lot more than blogging software – it powers tens of millions of websites, nearly 20% of the entire world wide web. I’ve built a few of those myself, for friends, family and clients. Besides my day job in data management, I build and support WordPress websites with¬†Tadpole Collective.

Offline I like going to concerts, playing guitar, drinking beer, taking my wife out, partying with friends, traveling the world as much as possible, and lots and lots of reading.

To indulge my taste for serious, engaged discussion, I founded the NYC Junta with a friend of mine. Though no longer active, the group met half a dozen times a year to talk science, religion, art, politics, and what have you. After five years of great discussions, however, I no longer had the time for organizing them.

I have strong opinions about politics, social issues and current events. Though I’ve posted a few Occupy videos here, I’ve tried to concentrate on those topics at almerindo.net (it’s been over a year since my last essay).

Enjoy your travels here and¬†say hi¬†if you’d like.