Zero Hour

It is now 6am in Guangzhou. Her visa interview is in exactly one hour and fifteen minutes. We are staying across the street from the American Consulate in the Grand Palace Hotel, which is comfortable enough and offers internet access…

We left yesterday morning, early, and now we’re up early again. Not looking forward to waiting outside the consulate, as Guangzhou is not as warm as it usually is, and yesterday was raining, so I’m worried we’ll be huddled under an umbrella for 3 hours before we can get inside. Even though our appointment is for 7:15, I have heard that a line forms outside and doesn’t move for hours. We plan on eating light, bringing snacks, and showing up early (like right after I finish this post).

We are excited, not nervous; we are excellently prepared. I have extreme confidence in her ability to sail through the interview and come out the other side with that stamp in her passport. And certainly we’re both looking forward to completing this chapter in the immigration saga and moving on to the next step. Wish us luck!

3 thoughts on “Zero Hour”

  1. Oh! How did it go? Am dying to hear the news!!!!! AM sure Yoyo dazzled them with her smart humour and charming self. Fill me in, guys 🙂

  2. Hey guys,

    Didn’t know you had a blog! This is fantastic, a great way to catch up on everything in your lives and those of the other *$#@%* back in the ‘Hai!
    Fingers crossed in the job search Rindy, hope all goes well for you and XianYi in the meantime. Leaving the big city and jumping into the unknown is always hard, but I’m sure you’ll cope admirably.
    Love ya both, kisses from the Zealand xxxxx

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