We Done Did It

We got it!

After one year and one month, she finally has the government’s permission to enter the country. The process was long, expensive and weird, but in the end it wasn’t really that hard.

So when she showed up at the Consulate Wednesday, they informed her that she was approved, but that she’d have to wait another two days to pick up her passport and visa package. Should she not be available (she wasn’t – she had a flight back to Shanghai that night) they would gladly mail the documents back to her anywhere in … Guangdong province, which does not include Shanghai.

Neil Diamond
Neil Diamond

She was telling me this on the phone and already I was thinking about paying another two nights hotel lodging when she said, “So I arranged to have them mail it to my colleagues in Guangzhou, and have them mail it to me in Shanghai.” Smart girl!!!

This “visa package” involves some kind of documentation or other and we are NOT to open it by any means. We bring it to America with us, and it is opened on site by the immigration officer at the airport. What it contains, who knows or cares. We’re coming to America!

Cue the Neil Diamond!

3 thoughts on “We Done Did It”

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! I am SOOOOOOO happy for you guys! Big hugs and kisses to Mrs Xian Yi Portfolio – Shanghai will miss the both of you very much. Keep me posted with plans next. Ax

  2. Hey guys,

    Congrats on the great news!

    You will soon forget all about the hassle and get into the new groove!!

    Well done – enjoy USofA!

    Brad & Sabrina

  3. Congratulations you crazy bastards. God help all of us. I know you’re in New Jersey where the chest hair and beer flow like wine, so maybe I can come up and see you guys or give me a call if you’re in D.C. My number is 404-375-2569. Plenty of space at our place .

    When you think of Garbage…Think of Akeem !!

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