What to do?

Moving is going to be harder than I thought. I’ve been so wrapped up in getting the visa that I haven’t had time to think about the follow-up. And now that we’ve got it, I’m looking around the apartment thinking, How am I going to get all this stuff home?

Does anyone have any advice in terms of shipping? A friend once mentioned a “book rate” on shipping books, but FedEx and DHL both said no such thing exists here.

It’s going to require some masterful cash-flow management (as well as the use of my credit line) to make this happen. If you don’t see the Portfolios cavorting about town over the next few weeks, you know why!

One thought on “What to do?”

  1. Get in touch with Jeff Horovitz – he used to work for a local shipping firm on the Shanghai Port. I remember when Zach worked there, he got me a special rate.

    Alternatively, you could do snail mail and hope that it gets to the US. Most of mine turned up. Not all unfortunately.

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