The Cubicle

The Cubicle
So This Is It

The first week of work proved to be pretty much what I thought – making the rounds meeting people and doing a bit of administrative stuff, plus preliminary research on the task at hand. But as I sat in my new cubicle and studied its grey emptiness, I couldn’t help thinking, “So this is it?”

Good friend Jeremy has been lamenting to me these past six months or so how terrible is his own office culture, where they push him relentlessly to meet impossible deadlines with nary a word of encouragement when he fulfills them. And how he laughed when I suggested we get lunch one day and told me that all he has time for is scurrying down to the office cafeteria to bring a sandwich back to his desk, devouring it within the walls of his confines like a lab rat. At the height of my unemployment I actually asked if his firm had any openings; he kindly passed my resume to his superiors but advised me repeatedly that he would never recommend his job to anyone and that, in fact, he was seeking alternative employment.

It was with these facts in mind that I sat down for the first time in my new surroundings. The idea of a cubicle I find abhorrent, but in reality it is not so bad. It’s basically your own office – but whose walls don’t reach the ceilings. That’s about as positive an assessment as I can make.

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