The Waiting Game

I’m expecting a call from a company with a job offer. In fact, I’ve been expecting it for two weeks. I’m playing the waiting game.

I’ve had two interviews, one over the phone and one in person. Both went extremely well. I know this because I felt it, and because the interviewers told me bluntly that they went extremely well. The recruiter who put found me and put me up for this job has confirmed that my would-be employer feels “very positive” about me. But there is a ton of paperwork that has to be done, apparently, before they can make me an offer.

During the second, in-person, interview, the interviewer told me he would be traveling on business for the next week and also discussing me with the first interviewer. So I expected a delay. But he was also talking about start dates as early as last week. Obviously that did not pan out.

Just today I spoke with the recruiter for the third time since the interviews, and he confirmed that we should hear something final from them by week’s end. Realizing, perhaps, that tomorrow is Friday, he added, “Monday latest.”

Today was the third straight day I hung around the caddyshack for hours without getting any work. Loops are drying up and income is spotty. I’m ready to take anything I’m offered. I’m really hoping this happens.

The job itself is perfect for me – virtually identical to the job I used to have in Shanghai, except on a larger scale. And it’s right in midtown Manhattan – perfect. I’m just waiting for that call.

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