Hoyas Slashed by Curry

Curry Slicing
Curry Slicing

My beloved Hoyas were cut down by this little superstar, Stephen Curry. He has really been hot in this NCAA tournament. After a day of stewing over our wasted opportunity, I’m ready to accept that we just plain got beat.

I mean, how do you blow a 17-point second-half lead? Roy Hibbert, how do you decide to forgo the NBA draft after last season to come back and settle for getting denied the ball so many times in the low post?

I was so disappointed. But now I’ve moved on. I’m excited about next season, with the establishment of Chris Wright, our freshman guard who has such presence already. As for now, I’m rooting for Curry to take Davidson all the way. Might as well root for the cinderella.

And now I’d like to quote some key analysis from my main man on Capitol Hill, Mac McGoo, who was dropping knowledge:

Agreed on Wright being a stud. He plays with a lot of energy and passion. Not to take anything away from Sapp, Wallace and Freeman, but it’s nice to finally have a guard who can slash to the hoop. I think it will open up a lot of opportunities for other players on the court and keep defenses more honest.

I think Hibbert, unfortunately in the end, didn’t do himself any favors, draft position-wise, in coming back. That said, I think he improved parts of his game, especially passing. In the end, my guess is that scouts will see a 7′ 2″ dude with good hands and feet who may be too soft and kind-hearted to excel in the NBA. none of that means that a team won’t take a chance on him in the late first round or second round, and hope that he turns out ok. You can’t teach a player size.


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