Swine Flu

Pigs are seen at a swine farm in Rio Negro, outkirts of Medellin, Colombia on April 28,2009. An outbreak of deadly swine flu in Mexico and the United States has raised the specter of a new virus against which much of humanity would have little or no immunity. The outbreak of the new multi-strain swine flu virus transmitted from human to human that has killed up to 149 people in Mexico is a 'serious situation' with a 'pandemic potential', the head of the World Health Organization said Saturday. By Raul Arboleda/AFP/Getty Images.

Meanwhile, an April 28, 2009 CNN article stated, “There had been no confirmed deaths in the United States related to swine flu as of Tuesday afternoon. But another virus had killed thousands of people since January and is expected to keep killing hundreds of people every week for the rest of the year. That one? The regular flu… No fewer than 800 flu-related deaths were reported in any week between January 1 and April 18, the most recent week for which figures were available.”[84]

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