Mayor of Hoboken Arrested

Peter Cammarano arrested

Oops! Just 23 days into his term, 31-year-old Peter Cammarano was arrested by the FBI as part of a long investigation into money-laundering and corruption in New Jersey and New York. Apparently, when he wasn’t posing with his wife and toddler daughter for campaign posters, Cammarano was meeting with a Hudson County official and a real estate developer, picking up envelopes stuffed with cash – five grand at a time, five times. The meetings took place at the Malibu Diner on 14th St, which is hands-down the worst diner I’ve ever been too, and I love diners. The place is a disgrace to the culinary traditions of New Jersey, and hopefully this bit of free press is not going to increase their business…

…but I digress.

It’s hard to see how Mayor Pete has any chance here. I read the FBI criminal complaint against him, and they’ve got him on tape saying the most outrageous things. It’s clear that the guy is corrupt. His defense will likely claim he was entrapped by the FBI, since the real estate developer who was bribing him was a cooperating witness for the state, but when you say things like this, a jury tends not to look kindly on it:

“We get to the point where I’m sworn in on July 1st, and we’re breaking down the world into three categories at that point. There’s the people who were with us, and that’s you guys. There’s the people who climbed on board in the runoff. They can get in line … And then there are the people who were against us the whole way. They get ground … They get ground into powder.”

Excuse you, Pete? This guy is HILARIOUS! He talks openly about how those who supported him will get their projects approved, while those who were against him will have to wait three years. The guy thinks he’s a Soprano:

“[r]ight now, the Italians, the Hispanics, the seniors are locked down. Nothing can change that now. . . . I could be, uh, indicted, and I’m still gonna win 85 to 95 percent of those populations.”

Interesting choice of hypothetical, guy! Congratulations, you must be the shortest-serving mayor in the history of the Republic.

*(Apologies for the political content here, but this is just too rich to pass up – and it affects the family, sort of, so – whatever)

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