Twenty Ten

Don’t call it Two Thousand Ten or Two Thousand and Ten. We’re done saying “Two Thousand” now. It’s a relic, appropriate only for history professors or others who want to sound dignified. That’s my two cents. We can still hang out.

Two Thousand Nine was a cool year, I think. A lot of people are down on 2009, with good reason. Lots of lost jobs and houses, for sure. I don’t want to sound insensitive to that, but things are going pretty great for me and I’m happy. I got problems, sure, but I don’t have life-threatening problems. And I’ve got a lot of good people around me to help out, starting with Xianyi, and extending through my family, to my friends all around the world.

What else was cool about Oh-Niner? I saw a bunch of good concerts, which was a goal of mine, so – mission accomplished. Black Keys back in February kicked it off. Phish on the lawn at Merriweather, where I ran straight into my cousin Nick while roaming the grounds and shared a beer with him. Phish again, this time at the Garden, with the incredible light show courtesy of Chris Kudora – WOW.

I was twice at Carnegie Hall, once as a date to the symphony with Xianyi, and once with her, Dave and Tom for Arlo Guthrie. Amazing theatre. My goal for 2010 is seeing more historic NYC venues – Beacon top of the list (sidenote: too bad Cirque de Soleil’s 6-month run will block the Allman Bros from doing their gazillionth show in a row at the Beacon this March).

We did two great weddings this year. One was an entire adventure vacation, and the other was an intimate affair at home, and our first trip to the Cape.

Finally, at year’s end, I managed to launch two sites for family members that I’d been working on with them. Check them out at and

Xianyi is in China right now with her parents, her Xiao Niang, and DouDou. They are probably waking up right about now to have some tang yuarrrrr… don’t forget,


2 thoughts on “Twenty Ten”

  1. Rindy, the two sites look great. I wish them and you great success for two thousand ten…. I mean twenty ten. Hope to see you over Easter or sooner. If you’re heading to DC you can always use our house to crash. Hi to Xianyi

  2. Do you make sites in Ravens’ purple???? Can you make pictures of a bus look dignified? Can you portray the level of fun that can be had eating good food in a parking lot full of screaming people? Now, there’s a challenge!

    The sites look great, Rind. Jennifer’s is warm and inviting and makes the viewer feel as if Jennifer is the one person to help them in the world. Your mom’s is professional, dynamic, and makes you feel as if you have found the answer to all of your audition questions. Great work! Hope Xianyi is enjoying her time with her parents, and I hope she comes home to you soon.

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