Settling in

The first few months have slid by as I’ve gotten used to my new surroundings.

rindy at the pool
Temporary digs with my office in the background

I lived for a month in an apartment complex adjoining my office. It was a little weird being so close, but it was free and temporary while I looked for a new place.
I mostly work from home, in any case, because I’m currently on a UK-time shift in order to overlap with my colleagues in Montreal and London. By working around 4pm-midnight, I can be online for meetings during the morning back home.

I fell into a schedule of working as late as one or two in the morning, then maybe watching some tv or reading, and falling asleep at 3 or 4am. I’d sleep till noon, lounge around, find lunch, maybe have a swim, and then log on for work.

Restoran Okay

One place I populated for many meals then was Restoran OK, as it was just around the corner with (literally) okay food and large, cold bottles of Tiger. They came to expect my order of chicken and beer. I’d read news on my phone as I ate.

Eli was quick to visit me as he’s currently living in Singapore and comes to KL often on business. He brought the whole family on a second visit, and I met his new daughter Harper.

I finally got my own place in July. The pic above is my view from the 19th floor. There’s the KL-required gym and pool included in my very affordable studio suite, and the Amcorp Mall is right downstairs. This is how it looked on moving day (no idea why the landlord included a massage table):

There are many malls in KL, and they provide an important venue for city social life, but most of them are devoid of any non-commercial character. Amcorp Mall is not like those malls. Here we have lots of record shops, audio speaker stores, and places to get random knick-knacks and antique furniture. Sam came to visit, and ending up buying an Indonesion angklung at Joe’s Mac. There is a bona fide flea market every weekend. All in all, it’s a pretty cool place to live, and there’s an LRT station across the street that can get me to downtown KL in 15 minutes.

I visited a rainforest preserve they keep right in the city center, at KL Tower. I saw groves of bamboo and ficus, and a spider nearly as large as my hand!


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