Fall Happenings

There’s been a lot going on recently!

The Rejuvenation!

Sam came to visit and ended up buying the instrument in the above video, which is called an angklung. Wikipedia says it’s traditionally Indonesian, but the bamboo handbells it’s composed of are also popular with the Yunnan hill tribes whose music Sam has made it his mission to record and preserve.

In Hong Kong

The Mrs & I met up in Hong Kong with the old Shanghai crew for Nat and Tref’s wedding. They finally made official what so many of us had long considered established fact 🙂 and the whole gang enjoyed a weekend of romping revelry around Central Hong Kong.


Back in KL, I participated in a mass protest rally and demonstration against the current government. You may have heard about some of the goings-on in the past few years, involving the Malaysian Prime Minister, Goldman Sachs, the FBI, and Leonardo DiCaprio. Fun stuff! They have been having this annual demonstration for five years now, so far to little effect.

I tweeted out this picture, which went mildly viral (at least for me):

Here are some other pictures I took.

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