Hoyas Slashed by Curry

Curry Slicing
Curry Slicing

My beloved Hoyas were cut down by this little superstar, Stephen Curry. He has really been hot in this NCAA tournament. After a day of stewing over our wasted opportunity, I’m ready to accept that we just plain got beat.

I mean, how do you blow a 17-point second-half lead? Roy Hibbert, how do you decide to forgo the NBA draft after last season to come back and settle for getting denied the ball so many times in the low post?

I was so disappointed. But now I’ve moved on. I’m excited about next season, with the establishment of Chris Wright, our freshman guard who has such presence already. As for now, I’m rooting for Curry to take Davidson all the way. Might as well root for the cinderella.

And now I’d like to quote some key analysis from my main man on Capitol Hill, Mac McGoo, who was dropping knowledge:

Agreed on Wright being a stud. He plays with a lot of energy and passion. Not to take anything away from Sapp, Wallace and Freeman, but it’s nice to finally have a guard who can slash to the hoop. I think it will open up a lot of opportunities for other players on the court and keep defenses more honest.

I think Hibbert, unfortunately in the end, didn’t do himself any favors, draft position-wise, in coming back. That said, I think he improved parts of his game, especially passing. In the end, my guess is that scouts will see a 7′ 2″ dude with good hands and feet who may be too soft and kind-hearted to excel in the NBA. none of that means that a team won’t take a chance on him in the late first round or second round, and hope that he turns out ok. You can’t teach a player size.


Working Man Again

Tomorrow marks the end of my five month, 18-day unemployed streak.

I will begin work at my first job in New York City – right in the heart of Manhattan – and I’m very excited.

What I’m Working For

This is a shot of me at the MOMA in front of a 1963 Jaguar E-Type Roadster – and this image perfectly shows how I’m feeling about going into my first day of work tomorrow. Finally, we are getting a foothold on our new life in America. Tomorrow is the day we start laying the foundation for our future.

I tried to savor this last week of freedom (I received confirmation that I’d gotten the job about a week ago), but mostly I ended up idling about, not accomplishing anything. I know full well that soon, when I’m in the throes of the daily grind, I’ll wish I had the kind of time I had in the last week – hell, in the last five months – to do whatever pleases me at the given moment. But I just couldn’t think of anything to do, so I sat around watching TV, which was perfect.

What a great week to start a job! Thursday is Thanksgiving, so I imagine the office will be excited about a short week. There will probably be a bunch of administrative things to get to before I even start doing any real work, and with the Christmas season fast approaching, it should be a fairly generous introductory period for me to get settled. By the time the new year rolls around, I’ll know my way around and will be totally in synch with everybody as they buckle down…

Or I could not know what I’m talking about at all, and be in for a hell of a grind right off the bat.

Unemployment: Day One

Today is the first day of my new period of unemployment. I have officially left my job.

My boss knew it was coming for about nine months, ever since I enlisted his help in securing Xianyi’s visa. He has been very supportive. Over the past few months I have hired replacements and additional people to help keep the company’s operations running smoothly and efficiently. For the last couple of weeks there hasn’t been much for me to do except answer questions from people filling new roles. Of course, I’m still available to them if they need me. But imagine my relief when Xianyi got her visa. If she had been rejected, I would have been in a difficult situation, having already written myself out of the company.

My time there was great. I went from an inexperienced “freelance writer” to an accomplished editor and project manager in a little under two years. My resume already landed me a phone interview that I thought I would never get with a company in NYC – although it doesn’t look like I made it to the next round with them, it was definitely a boost of confidence to have been called.

Now Xianyi and I are getting excited about the next chapter in our lives: The USA. It’s really exciting, and at the same time daunting. I know we’ll be fine, but I know lots of challenges lie ahead. The visa was just the first step.

Bumming about

My leg is slowly getting better. I never bothered scheduling that MRI because every day it has felt a little stronger, and a bit of internet research seemed to confirm that many cases of torn cartiledge can heal themselves given enough rest, ice, and eventually exercise. And even if I’m wrong, and the knee doesn’t get back to normal after a month or so, I can always go back and get it checked out again. Surgery down the road won’t lose any advantages of surgery right now. So I opted for wait-and-see.

I think this is the first weekend all month that there hasn’t been something major planned. The band did two shows this month, plus there was Coley’s birthday/Bananas and the Roller Revival. So I hopefully won’t be missing anything while I sit around trying to get better and get a job in America.

2007 – Year of the ‘Stache

Stache Guys

For the love of God, I need to take a break from talking about visas. And since it’s long overdue, may I announce that 2007 is officially the Year of the Stache.

Back in December, when a bunch of us were out singing karaoke on a random Tuesday night, we came up with the idea to do something special for the new year. And that something wound up being growing mustaches.

Day 6Originally it was to be a contest with a monetary prize. But a lot of folks chickened out and so it became clear that there wasn’t enough mass to create a worthy pot. So instead, it’s just all about the pride. It began with me, Turley, Michael, and Coley. Since Coley dropped out we have added Dan and Imani to our ranks. And there are some great statements of facial flair coming out of this endeavor.

Check out the full Year of the Stache gallery.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everybody! Things have been slow around here, network-wise, as that earthquake near Taiwan cut all the undersea cables connecting China with America and Europe. Been tough to surf the web and read email, and hence the lack of posts on this blog.

The New Year’s celebration went really well for us! We had a very nice dinner at our friend Brad Turley’s restaurant. It was a five-course meal that served a glass of different wine with each course – absolutely exquisite! Then the band was performing at 4Live, and we got one of our biggest crowds ever. Always a good time. We stayed out till about 4 and then slept most of Jan 1 away.

Now it’s back to work and it’s been tough with the internet being so slow. We really are dependent on this stuff. But slowly things are getting back to normal.

And only 12 more days until her visa interview!

Open Blog

Attention all: Comments on this site are now completely open. No need to register and receive a password by email: Just click comments and go for it. I had set it up as a must-register because I feared spam might plague the site – well, we’ll just have to see. I’d rather have more commenters.

Thanks to all those who went to the minimal trouble of registering and have been posting comments. Hope to see more of you!

True Romance

True Romance
True Romance

I just received my first issue of True Romance magazine.

Some readers might be wondering why I would pick up such a magazine. But it goes further than that, folks. I am a full-on subscriber. Certainly I am not a member of this periodical’s target market. But I’m still a fan.

And I’m not the only one. All across the world, people are starting to catch on to the phenomenon. True Romance is THE new MUST-READ mag. And all credit is due to Assistant Associate Editor Gia Portfolio. Continue reading True Romance