Jerry Garcia Band at the Capitol Theatre

Courtesy of Bill Graham’s archive and WNEW FM-NY, we have a wonderful, full-concert video of the Jerry Garcia Band, live at the Capitol Theatre in Passaic, NJ.

From March 1, 1980: a time when local radio stations would broadcast entire live concerts to the people! This is the early show from a 2-show evening, both of which are included on the album, Garcia Live: Volume One.

David Bowie Tribute Concert

I got to be part of a very cool project this winter as Johann invited me to join a band he put together for a series of David Bowie tribute shows. We performed together with two other bands on two different nights in two separate venues!

One of the coolest parts about this project for me was that I was playing bass instead of guitar. They needed a bass player so there ya go. Play bass, mate? Yer in the band.

No recordings from the shows themselves, but I did make this tape of our final rehearsal.

Late Screening

People are dancing to machines now. That’s what’s happening.

-Neil Young

I met Gia for dinner last night in the Village, and we had a great time catching up. She ended up getting some news that afternoon that would make the day a memorable one; the timing was perfect for a sibling celebration / commisseration over cocktails and antipasta.

Later, after she’d departed for her train, I came across the cinema with Neil Young on the billboard. X is back home for a spell and I thought, where have got to be? I bought a ticket for the 11:30pm show. Continue reading Late Screening

Steely Dan Live

Last month we saw Steely Dan at the Beacon – incredible shows.

Donald Fagen
Donald Fagen

I went on a Monday night with Bill for Aja, the Dan’s 1977 album. The title track is amazing:

On Tuesday night I brought Mrs P, Anna and Tuck for The Royal Scam, from 1976. Best track, “The Caves of Altimira”:

Walter Becker
Walter Becker

They played “My Old School”, “Hey 19”, “Peg”, “Reelin’ in the Years”, and all sorts of hits. Plenty of Dan Fans were singing along in the audience – there was a very close-knit feel in the crowd. The Beacon is a beautiful theatre and I highly recommend it to all.

For a better explanation of why The Royal Scam is so awesome, check out this guy’s blog, where I cribbed the photo of Fagen.